Rossignol Smash 7

    Levertijd:2 dagen na betaling (indien op voorraad)
  • Beschrijving
  • Specificaties

  • 100% waar voor je geld
  • doel: telemark, tour & freeride
  • maten: 119-92-109mm
  • radius: 23m/170cm
  • rocker: Power Turn Rocker

The SMASH 7 is an all-mountain powder ski for up-and-coming rippers. Featuring the S-Series' award-winning blend of versatility and float, the Smash 7 supplies lightweight agility and enhanced durability for freeride dominance. Powder Turn Rocker delivers fatigue-free manueverability, effortless steering and instant speed control, making powder skiing easier and more fun. Centered Sidecut provides the all-terrain versatility and edging power simply not found in other wide-waisted, rockered skis. Leave your mark with the Smash 7, a real-deal all-mountain powder ski for future hard-chargers. 60% Powder / 40% All-Mountain

Ski breedte: 92
Radius: 23
Skiër: unisex
Twintip: nee
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