Diamir Axion Harscheisen 86 & 110mm

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Harscheisen voor de Diamir Scout 11, Eagle 12 en Freeride Pro bindingen in verschillende breedte.

Easy-activation crampons

Solid support on steep slopes, especially on hard-packed snow or difficult traverses means both safety and comfort. Just like the models of the Diamir Safety Alubar System, Diamir Eagle 12, Scout 11 and Freeride Pro, the right crampons also offer an obvious functional benefit.


Trendsetting – AXION TECH

With the Axion crampons, the days of precarious mounting manoeuvers in difficult terrain are a thing of the past. Since the Axion is fastened to the binding before the tour starts it is ready to be used at any time. It can conveniently be activated with a ski pole, as needed, without having to step out of the binding and therefore ensures solid support. It is just as easy to deactivate when it is no longer required. The innovative, effective metal part with teeth offers far more support, comfort and safety than conventional crampons.


Diamir Axion crampons – for ski tour buffs with highest demands

Along with state-of-the-art binding systems, accessories capable of handling the ever growing challenges and meeting very specific user needs under a variety of conditions are in demand. For ski touring on hard-packed snow in high mountain terrain the Diamir Axion crampons are an optimal enhancement to the Diamir Safety Alubar System. The high-precision, weight-optimized blade of high-quality aluminum and the support provided by a rotating mechanism of high-tech synthetic materials are a guarantee for optimal function.


Available options:

Axion Crampons 86/110

The data apply to ski width in mm.
Technical changes are reserved

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