Pulse Barryvox Mammut

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Lawinepieper met signaal van leven, gemakkelijkte bedienen, snel en betrouwbaar.

Combination of a digital and analog device with three antennas. Easy. Fast. Effective. Easy: Clear instructions thanks to an easy operating concept. Fast: Fast and precise locating thanks to a 360° display and three antennas. Effective: A significant time saving, thanks to a clear ovierviewing situations involving multiple buried victims.

PULSE firmware with two user profiles.

PULSE firmware

  • Acoustic search guidance
  • Rescue-SEND
  • Lithium battery mode
  • LCD contrast setting
  • 2 user profiles, Basic and Advanced
  • Optimized distance and direction display
  • Numbering of marked buried subjects
  • Pinpointing with distance indication
  • Protection against accidental switching from SEARCH to SEND
  • Frequency check for group test
  • Acoustic signal after first reception

Basic profile

  • Digital mode
  • Overview of number of victims
  • Digital audio signal for rapid and simple location
  • Marking of located buried subjects

Advanced profile

  • Digital and analog mode
  • Allows manual scrolling of the list of buried subjects
  • Overview of distance, direction and number of buried subjects
  • Manual selection of the search object based on distance and probability of survival
  • Marking of located buried subjects
  • Analog search using acoustic signal playback via an integrated loudspeaker (full analog mode with manual adjustment of receiver sensitivity)
Art.Nr. 2310-00020
transmitting frequency 457 kHz
weight in g 210 g (inkl. Batterien)
  • Suitable for use with gloves
  • Intuitive and easy operation with clear instructions and a fully graphic display as well as fast and precise navigation thanks to a 360° real-time directional display
  • High resistance to impact and breakage
  • Acoustic search guidance
  • Marking of found victims and removal of previously set markers (unmarking)
  • Digital signal processing in the event of several buried victims.
  • Overview of distance, direction and number of victims, including selection of search objects by manual scrolling in the list of victims
  • 100% Swiss made, developed and produced in Switzerland
  • Battery life: Alkaline: typically 250 hours SEND, at least 200 hours SEND, followed by 1 hour SEARCH
  • Analog-digital 3-antenna device with digital and analog modes
  • Scalable software platform; easy updating, configuration and testing via the W-Link
  • Search strip width: 50 m (digital) and 80 m (analog)
  • 3 antennas for simple pinpointing in close range and for deeply buried victims
  • W-Link: Additional communication channel for improved search performance (Not in Japanese version)
  • Analog search using acoustic signal playback via an integrated loudspeaker (full analog mode with manual adjustment of receiver sensitivity)
  • 457 kHz (transceiver frequency)
  • Reverse direction function
  • Intelligent group test
  • 3D movement sensor to analyze and transmit vital data (not in Japanese version)
  • Automatic switching without user intervention from search to send mode based on a 3D movement sensor and for rescuers who are not actively involved in searching in the event of a subsequent avalanche (rescue-SEND)
  • Two-button operation
  • Automatic self-test on start up
  • Operation with alkaline (LR03/AAA) or lithium (L92/AAA) batteries
Range approx. in m 60
dimensions in mm 113x75x27
Batteries Alkaline / Lithium 3 x AAA 1.5 Volt
Warranty in years 5
W-Link Frequency EU 868.8 MHz - USA/CAN 916-926 MHz

Optimally suitable for

Classical Alpinism, Mixed- and Iceclimbing, Winterhiking / Snowshoeing, Alpine Skiing, Freeriding / Boarding, Skitouring / Backcountry Skiing, Expeditions, Education / Rental

Suitable for

Nordic Skiing, Polar Expeditions