4FRNT Blondie 162cm

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    Levertijd:3-5 dagen
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  • Dames pisteski voor starters en gevorderde skisters.
  • doel: lady telemark, piste, park & pipe
  • maten: 117-85-112mm
  • radius: 15m/167cm
  • Rocker: Camber

Speciale vergevingsgezinde park en pipe ski voor de dames met een Hyper-Lite kern zodat er met mider kracht geskied kan worden.


The women’s skis feature shapes similar to our men’s line but we set these skis apart with our, women’s spe- cific, ContourCore construction. Women tend to drive a ski from their hips which generates forces down through their heels. With our women’s cores, we’ve moved the weight of the core rearwards (5cm) to accom- modate this more centered skiing style. This lets women drive the true center of the core weight instead of constantly fighting from behind, while still being centered over the side cut.
Merk: 4FRNT
Geslacht: Dames
Breedte: 85mm
Gebruik: telemark, piste, tour, freeride
Gewicht: 1324gr
Lengte: 162cm
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